Since the onset of COVID-19 many practices have had to move to teletherapy, or virtual visits. These are visits that happen over the computer, tablet or smartphone. As the therapist, I serve as a facilitator to you the parent/caregiver and coach you through the session while also engaging with your child if it is a session where your child is present. 


While there are those for whom this has always been their model, this is a new model here at Heartcentered. My approach is unique so incorporating virtual visits has been an adjustment. Here is a list of what I am able to provide virtually: I am able to maintain MNRI® sessions for currently established patients or those who have some background knowledge and training in MNRI® techniques from previous in-person sessions with myself or another MNRI® practitioner. I am also able to provide Mindfulness Practice sessions, Parent Coaching sessions, and Play-Based Social-Emotional Skills sessions. See below for details.

White Branch

MNRI® Virtual Visit Coaching Sessions (for previous/current clients only):

Within these virtual visits sessions, I coach you, the parent through the MNRI® techniques that you will be using with your child. Your child is present for this session and you are working on them as I coach you through the techniques. It is ideal if you have your own massage table for these virtual sessions (for the sake of your own backs!), but it is not required. These techniques can also be done on a mat on the floor, just be aware of your own posture and positioning so as not to injure yourself.

These sessions may also include some standing work from MNRI® Archetype Movements and Standing Reflex Movements. 

Mindfulness and Movement Practice Virtual Visit Sessions:

Within these sessions you (and your child if applicable) will be present for a mindfulness and movement practice session that I will coach you through. Examples of activities may include mindfulness in the context of mindfully checking in with an emotion, a feeling in the body during a movement, a feeling in the body attached to an emotion, etc. These sessions will also involve some mindful movement techniques which incorporate my knowledge from my Pilates certifications,  MNRI® standing movements, as well as Anat Baniel's Nine Essentials

Virtual Parent Coaching Sessions:

These sessions will be focused 1:1 sessions with strictly you, the parent/s, providing tips, training, feedback, etc., on your child's program and how to best carry-over into the home (if you are a current client) or how to implement strategies to support you, your child and family at this unprecedented time (new and existing clients). This may include modeling things for you that you can do with your child such as some of the standing movements from MNRI®, when to implement certain techniques for calming/organizing, how to incorporate mindfulness into you and your child's daily routine, how to incorporate Anat Baniel's Nine Essentials into everyday movements and/or into mindful movement sessions, counseling* sessions regarding you/your child and ways to best support social-emotional skills, communication, etc.


(*NOTE: this is not to be confused with counseling in terms of mental health services. This is counseling as deemed appropriate within the scope of practice of Speech Language Pathology and Ministry)

Virtual Play-Based Social-Emotional Skills Training/Activities for Toddlers and School-Age Children:

Often what looks like "bad" behavior is actually a child feeling nervous, overwhelmed, or stressed out.  By doing our best to understand where children are coming from, we can shift our perspective and our response.  Acknowledging our children's emotions, creating a safe environment for expression, and helping them figure out ways to handle BIG feelings that arise (especially now!) can help to create a kinder, gentler little human—a child who is better equipped to communicate as an adult—on the journey to creating a better world!


These sessions will involve you and your child and will revolve around supporting development of social-emotional skills within play. This may involve using tools from Generation Mindful, playing with stuffed animals/dolls to demonstrate and express big emotions, playing games like "Emotions Bingo," etc. You will see a lot of play, exploration, emotional “check-in” activities, etc.  I believe that we learn by doing, so with all of my clients, I encourage practicing talking about emotions and big feelings.  For younger children, we may use puppets or other toys as avenues for talking about the big emotions (and/or situations that may cause big emotions). This eases the stress level on the child, who may feel pressure that it is “about them,” and often allows them to feel more freedom in expressing themselves. 

Child Specific Social-Emotional/Mindfulness Tools and Movement Activities (Digital or Print Version)

Please contact me via phone or email to learn more about these tools and activities to support social-emotional communication and development. These are client specific and "made to order." Click here to see an example of a card set.

What Tools Do I Need At Home to Participate in Virtual Visits?

So, what do you need on your end to participate? Here is a brief list of what you will need for virtual visits:             

  • A laptop or desktop computer or iPad

(I don't recommend using your phone as the screen is too small)

  • WiFi connection


Additional items you may need:

  • Massage table (for MNRI® sessions if you have one)

  • Yoga Mat

  • Other items unique to your/your child's session

NOTE:  I do not use Zoom as my virtual platform. I use Simple Practice which is a HIPAA compliant telehealth/teletherapy program accessed via a secure client portal.

Still have questions or concerns? Feel free to contact me directly via phone or email.