“Colleen has gone beyond our expectations, she is sensitive to his needs and incredibly helpful to us as his parents. We are so thankful!” 



“Since working with Colleen (Nolan), we have noticed a drastic improvement in the frequency and severity for times our 6-year old's has had emotional meltdowns.  Before we started working with her, if he went "over the edge," it could take 30+ minutes to help him calm down after great cost to himself and the rest of the family.  We are so thankful for the ways her work has helped calm down his nervous system so he can function!”


Mother of two

(with a third on the way!)

"Our experience with Colleen has been wonderful! We had tried several therapists with no success whatsoever.  She is very kind and created a special connection with our son from the first time that we were at her office. She is very professional and committed with her work. Our son absolutely loves going to his therapy and that has been key for the fast and amazing progress that he has shown in the past two months.

Our son started therapy with Colleen in October of this year. We couldn’t be happier about the progress that he has made in such a short time. When we first started, he could not talk more than 10 words. He wasn’t potty trained, and he had trouble socializing. With just two months of therapy, he is now connecting words and mimicking speech. He doesn’t stop talking now! He asks us to use the restroom and he isn’t bothered by the sound of the toilet anymore. He stopped biting his nails, and he seems more confident overall.

We have no words to express our gratitude and we absolutely recommend Colleen Nolan. It is worth the time and the investment!”

—Claudia & Tomas

Mother /Father of one

"We were introduced to Colleen Nolan through our family pediatrician. Our son has always struggled with focus, communication, and academically. Within the first few weeks of starting reflex integration we started noticing positive changes in all those areas. He is more grounded and comfortable in his own skin now. He is able to listen and express his thoughts better. Academically, he went from scoring very poorly on end of year tests to being on the A/B honor roll and even winning his class spelling bee! Colleen has gone beyond our expectations, she is sensitive to his needs and incredibly helpful to us as his parents. We are so thankful!”

—The Barnes Family

Mother /Father of three

"Lots of successes to share this month- (My son) had his first “play date” with another little boy on the spectrum and they enjoyed talking about maps & time zones.  (My daughter) went to the zoo with her class and got to feed the giraffes and the birds. (My other daughter) enjoyed Mardi Gras festivities at Girl Scouts. So excited they are able to be social with other children and use their calming strategies through therapy with Colleen (Nolan) to cope in a group!”


Mother of five

“My son has been sensitive since birth which we felt was fairly well managed in his younger years but when he became school aged, his sensitivity evolved in various ways which led to an overall difficult time in various aspects of his life. Social situations created such anxiety that the thought of meeting anyone new could bring him to tears.


Struggling to focus in the over-stimulating classroom resulted in him losing interest altogether. Although bright, the message he heard at school was he was failing if he didn’t catch on right away. He clearly felt defeated and seemed to just give up and developed a disdain for school in general and reluctant to try new things in or out of school.  One teacher even related to me how much medications had helped her child, clearly hinting we should try the same. Infuriated and tired of trying traditional therapy with little to no results, I was guided to (Colleen Nolan) through a discussion with a trusted occupational therapist. I made an appointment in August 2018 and we’ve been going consistently ever since.


Within a few months of working with Colleen, we started to notice changes—he was less aggravated with school, more confident, started caring more about his appearance. Then in January two of his teachers reached out to us—independently—to let us know the positive change they were seeing at school. He’s more engaged, more focused, able to follow directions more effectively.  His grades have improved and he’s made a few new friends this school year.

As with any therapy, there is no light switch, but there has been clear progress that is measurable and continuing.  Colleen has been honest and transparent with our family while managing our expectations. She’s listens to our son and cares about his needs and feelings and lets that feedback guide the session and the recommended work for us to do at home.  We are thrilled to have found Colleen and look forward to continuing to help our sweet, sensitive child.”

—Mother of two