Dr. Dave Hamilton

Dr. Dave Hamilton is a Charlotte and Virginia-based naturopath who specializes in family medicine and pediatrics as well as clinical nutrition.


Adele Schiessle

Adele is a Brain Integration Specialist and an MNRI® Core Specialist here in Charlotte. Adele uses movement and reflex work to create neural connections.


Dr. Sheila Kilbane

Dr. Kilbane is an integrative Pediatrician who works with families to get to the root cause of illness to make lasting changes. She supports families in implementing strategies based on her findings specific to their child, which leads to healthier kids and families.


Dr. Cammy Benton

Benton Integrative is a direct primary care practice using functional medicine. They offer primary care and wellness packages for specific concerns.


Eva Gourley

Eva is a Naturopathic physician using an holistic approach that works with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs to create greater harmony in your life. She has been instrumental in my own healing journey.