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​Colleen Nolan M.S., CCC-SLP

Phone:  (980) 236-1659

Email:  colleen@heartcenteredclt.com


8000 Corporate Center Dr., Suite 107

Charlotte, NC  28226


Monday:  10am-5pm

Tuesday:  10am-5pm  

Wednesday:  10am-5pm

Thursday:  10am-5pm

Friday:  CLOSED

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—Oren Jay Sofer

“Under all human action and behaviors are needs we are trying to meet.”


and Colleen Nolan

Heartcentered (Formerly Soar Speech Therapy and Consulting / Innerlinks Communication South Charlotte location) is a private practice which offers services for parents, children, and families to enhance overall communication.

My passion is helping children and adults open their hearts fully to their own gifts through reflex integration/re-patterning (MNRI®), mindfulness, and social-emotional connections. When working with children, I work with you as a family unit to create a treatment plan that meets the needs of your individual child and family.

Is Heartcentered
right for you?

—  Do you or your child struggle socially/emotionally within the family unit/relationships, at school/work, in social settings?

—  Does your child demonstrate anxiety surrounding school and/or social settings?

—  Does your child struggle with emotional regulation and go from “0-60” without any visible cause or trigger?

—  Is there a mismatch between an event and you or your child’s response?


—  Is your child struggling with self-regulation, demonstrating symptoms of ADD/ADHD and other therapies haven’t helped?


—  Is your child struggling academically in school, such as having difficulty with reading, recall, memory, focus?

—Does your child have difficulties with executive function, auditory processing, overall receptive or expressive language?


—  Do you feel like your family is “walking on egg shells” so as not to upset your child?

—  Have you or your child suffered a trauma or stressful event?

—  Do you or your child have a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Apraxia, Autism, or any other diagnoses that impacts speech, language, communication, socialization, motor-speech, etc.?


—  Have you suffered from a stroke or TBI?


—  Has your child suffered from a stroke or TBI?

Heartcentered exists to provide support to you and/or your child and family in these areas, as well as many others.

As a certified speech-language pathologist, I weave the thread of communication into every session. I also bring with me a multitude of other trainings and knowledge bases—MNRI®, mindfulness, and movement techniques—to calm the central nervous system, easing it out of a state of fight/flight/freeze and into a state of homeostasis. And from this place, I believe, all communication (with others and self) emerges with more ease.



About MNRI®

What is a reflex? Why are reflexes important? What does it look like when a reflex is not integrated? 

Services at Heartcentered

Learn about the types of services currently offered, including pricing and payment details.

Get to know Colleen and see how her training and experience have led to  Heartcentered.