—Oren Jay Sofer

“Under all human action and behaviors are needs we are trying to meet.”


and Colleen Nolan

Heartcentered is a private practice which offers services for clients with multiple needs, as well as the family unit as a whole, in order to enhance overall communication with self and others.


My passion is, and has always been, helping individuals, most specifically children and their families, learn to open their hearts fully to their own gifts in order to experience the joy of life, no matter the challenges or diagnosis. I guide my clients from the place of their abilities to learn how to enhance communication within themselves, from the level of the brain and nervous system, which then ripples outward creating further abilities, again and again, to enhance overall development. When working with children, I work with you as a family unit since a child does not exist separate from the family unit. 

Is Heartcentered
right for you?


* Are you open to seeing things in a new way? Either your own challenges and/or those experienced by your child?

* Are you open to looking beyond the challenges or diagnosis in order to let go of limitations/perceived limitations so that you and your child may thrive?

* Are you open to the concept that we are all capable of learning no matter the challenge or diagnosis? 

* Are you open to sessions that view your child from the level of their abilities, not their disability or challenges?

* Has your child been diagnosed with and/or experienced any of the following: congenital disorders, non-congenital disease, trauma, and/or chronic stress?

Heartcentered exists to provide support and hope to you, your child and your family unit, utilizing techniques that support neurodevelopment and brain integration. 

Although I am a certified speech-language pathologist, I do not provide traditional speech-language therapy services. However, as a result of my background, I do weave the thread of language and communication into every session. Some of the modalities I use within sessions that support neurodevelopment and brain integration include: MNRI®, principles from the Anat Baniel Method®, and mindfulness. 


My "bottom up" approach, starting at the level of the brain and nervous system, serves to facilitate the development of higher level skills such as speech, language, communication, auditory processing, academics, overall cognitive skills, etc., by honoring each individual/child as they are and building upon their abilities, not focusing on the disability or challenge. This also may involve facilitating the calming of the central nervous system that may be stuck in a pattern of protection, easing it out of a state of fight/flight/freeze and into a state of homeostasis so that the brain and body can learn. It is from this place, I believe, all communication (with with brain/body and therefore others) emerges with more ease.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, I am offering virtual visits as well as in person visits. Click the button below to learn more about what virtual visits look like.



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